With FocusKPI's Marketing ROI web-based software tool, our marketing and finance teams no longer need to fight about marketing channel-spend allocation. The ROI tool is so simple and flexible to use. It allows us to accurately attribute revenue to the right channels, check our performance in previous quarters, and analyze how we may deploy an incremental budget to get a better ROI, as well as how we can plan our future campaigns with the coordination of channel managers. Overall, this tool has helped us make wise decision on market spending across multiple channels, so we don’t have to second guess again.

VP Customer Analytics, a leading eCommerce company

We have retained FocusKPI as a strategic partner in analytic solutions for four years. We have maintained our relationship with FocusKPI for so long because they provide holistic end-to-end analytics support to business across marketing, finance, operations, and sales with online and offline channels, so business units can leverage their insights and recommendations effectively. They provide consistent high quality services comparable to that of big name companies, and bring in the most advanced technologies, methodologies, and practices at a very competitive price. FocusKPI is very flexible; our collaboration shows a lot of synergy as a team.. It would be a big loss if we didn’t have FocusKPI.

VP Marketing, a leading office supply chain company

Some of the many unique values that FocusKPI brings to the table for us are that they offer a strong onsite analytics team, while also providing strong support tools and expertise from backend office that help onsite consultants check different options, methodologies, and new techniques to increase the productivity of the consultants and the impact of our work without an incremental cost. We feel like the most important clients and get the most value out of this relationship. FocusKPI is one of the most important analytics partners for our marketing team

Senior Director Digital Marketing,
a leading multinational information technology corporation

Initially we were skeptical when one of our former colleagues referred FocusKPI to us when we ran into product-analysis challenges in my team. We had several discussions and felt like they were right on point, straightforward, and very motivated. And so, we decided to give them a try with a small project. Since then we have increased the scope of their projects to support more product lines. We have increased relationships in customer marketing. FocusKPI is our best analytics partner because they listen and respond quickly with relevant solutions. They provide the most talented consultants who are not only highly technical, but also very business driven and focused on our business metrics. I like their name Focus KPI (Key Performance Index) as well.

Senior Director Analytics, a leading software company

After working with FocusKPI for about a year, I had referred them to all of my friends in the analytics circle who were looking for help in advanced analytics, data mining or database management. The FocusKPI team is very nimble and competent. They are highly engaged and very good with listening, asking the right questions, documenting and delivering action oriented recommendations and results. Also, they hold themselves accountable. When things don't turn out to be way they are supposed t, they are not defensive. Instead, they talk to business stake holders, review their process, and dive into the data to understand the issues. Afterwards, they come back with new findings, a different approach, and eventually, the problems are solved. We always feel beneficial working with the FocusKPI team because we always feel like we can learn something new from them

Chief Digital Officer, a leading healthcare and retail company

Even though we are in the hiring business, when it comes to analytics, FocusKPI finds and develops best analytics talent on market. FocusKPI has best record in terms of talent supply and retention across the 30 vendors we are using. We’ve converted almost 80% of their consultants into full time employees due to hyper growth of our analytics team. We rely on FocusKPI as the source of analytics talent acquisitions, development, and over flow projects.

Senior Director Business Analytics,
a business-oriented social networking service company