What is FocusKPI?

FocusKPI is a leading big data analytics firm that enables its clients to make confident data-driven decisions. Our decision support platform enables companies to track key performance indicators (KPI) to uncover customer insights. Knowing these insights allows clients to better predict and serve its customers. This leads to a higher return on investment and fuels growth. Our analytics solutions serves the business requirements for marketing, risk management, quality, development, and product life cycle management across several industries.

What is Big Data?

At FocusKPI, Big Data is the collection of both internal and external data sources.
Once aggregated, it needs to be analyzed to make actionable decisions.
A few examples of these data sources:

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Big Data Marketing Analytics

What is Marketing Analytics?

As marketing evolves, the tools, technology, process, and analysis have made marketing more of a science. All of these methods, help marketers test campaigns, like chemistry experiments to quickly optimize their marketing effort.

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