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Our Company

We are a premier data science and technology firm specializing in AI, predictive analytics, and business intelligence solutions. Since 2010, we have empowered global brands across sectors like financial services, healthcare, internet technology, retail, and e-commerce. Our expertise spans text analytics, machine learning, business analysis, and data visualization, enabling us to deliver custom analytics solutions that drive revenue lift and cost savings.

Creative Office

Why Choose Us:

Our Unique Value Proposition

  • Deep experience working with business leaders and data analytics teams creating custom analytics solutions and specialized data science support

  • Our focus on delivering solutions that drive revenue lift and cost savings

  • A unique structure that allows us to compete on quality, cost, and speed

  • Our vast network of analytics professionals, and an agile talent sourcing capability for fast scaling

  • A reputation for advanced capabilities and client satisfaction

Meet the Team

peter 1.png

Yunxiao He

CDO, Data Science

peter 1 (1).png

Kathy Schaller

VP, Analytics Consulting

profile-pic (29).png

Ning Xu

VP, Human Resources

peter 1 (2).png

Peter Zhu

CEO and Chief Product

Blue Light

Get in Touch

1601 McCarthy Blvd, Suite R-5,
Milpitas, CA 95035


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