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Our Value Proposition

  • Deep experience working with business leaders and data analytics teams creating custom analytics solutions and specialized data science support

  • Our focus on delivering solutions that drive revenue lift and cost savings

  • A unique structure that allows us to compete on quality, cost, and speed

  • Our vast network of analytics professionals, and an agile talent sourcing capability for fast scaling

  • A reputation for advanced capabilities and client satisfaction

  • 100% custom model development, hands-on service, and often more cost-efficient

  • We enable LLMs to work with all types of data, as opposed to other NLP players who just handle text data

  • We integrate our AI agents into current workflow/systems, so users feel it's seamless and easy. This saves our clients time and money

  • Our design allows users to bring data in from all sources - internal and external, so users can augment/update their results constantly

  • We design customized UI interfaces for different use cases and experience

  • Our strength in machine learning applications is built on a broad range of business use cases:  

    • Analyzing Customer Recommendations (Adobe, Atlassian)

    • Sales Automation Tools (PCNA)

    • Marketing Measurement (Walmart, CVS)

    • Audience Targeting (Walmart, Ebay)

    • Customer Journey Optimization (Adobe)

    • Legal Document Synthesis 

    • Financial Prospectus Document Synthesis

Our Unique Value in Custom AI Applications


Tel: 408-889-1014


Office Address:

1601 McCarthy Blvd, Suite R-5,
Milpitas, CA 95035


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