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Enterprise AI Products

We rapidly develop tailored GenAI solutions to improve your business operating efficiency.


Average Efficiency Improved


Models and UI

  • Enhance user experience and productivity

  • Relative insights for decision-making

  • Address unique business challenges

20-40 HRS

Average Time Saved

Machine Learning Algorithm Support

  • Continuous learning for accuracy

  • Actionable insights for strategic initiatives

  • Personalization to boost sales and loyalty

16-24 WKS

Private Deployment Timeline



  • Avoid sensitive data leaks

  • Maintain full control of data security and monitoring

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Streamline Your B2B Sales Success

  • Originally developed from NetPoint

  • Now a dedicated product specifically for sales representatives

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→ Visit Our Website to Learn More!

Our platform of rapid GenAI solutions prototypes.

  • App Review Competitive Analysis

  • Company Benchmarking

  • Image Quality and Context Analysis

  • Document Summarization

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