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Our Services

We leverage AI to transform your data into insights.

Text Analytics

Machine Learning, LLMs, Gen AI

Unstructured/Text Data

  • Customer reviews

  • Social media/blogs

  • Patent Data, Financial Data

  • Customer service chat/email

  • Search keyword analytics

  • Competitor websites

  • Industry news and reports

Synthesized Analysis:

  • Patent Data Search

  • Prospectus Analysis

  • Product perceptions

  • Brand perceptions

  • Perceptions of and behaviors
    toward competitors

  • CX pain points


Business Analysis

Data modeling

Customer Opinion Analysis

Internal Data:

  • Performance: Sales, new customers

  • KPIs: NPS, conversion

  • Initiatives: promotions, pricing

External Trends​:

  • Industry: sales, technology adoption

  • Demographics

Strategic Priority Inputs:

  • Purchase decision drivers

  • Impact of demographic changes

  • Product development priorities

  • Operational priorities

  • Advertising content

  • Customer segmentation



Data Visualization, Gen AI

Trended Customer Opinion Analysis

Performance and KPI Goals

Business Intelligence:

  • Alerts to sources of change in customer opinion

  • Ongoing measurement of customer opinion impact on performance


Higher ROIs

Targeted Campaign Audiences

Improve campaign ROIs by targeting the right customers. Data modeling results in scoring your customer database or prospect list to prioritize outreach to those who are the most likely to contribute to meeting your KPIs

Featured Methodologies:

Propensity-to-buy modeling

Uplift modeling (aka Incrementality modeling)

Lifetime Value (LTV)

Greater Relevance


Break through the noise to show customers you understand who they are and what they need. FocusKPI will work with you to increase the relevance and individualization of your marketing, promotions, and product recommendations.

Featured Methodologies:

Offer optimization modeling

Personalized marketing

Reinforcement learning

We’re Good with Numbers


Years of Experience


Qualified Experts


Clients Every Year


Intl. Partners

Improved Optimization


Understand the drivers of business performance, including internal and external factors. Deliver more effective campaigns based on insights from prior outreach.

Featured Methodologies:

AB Testing

Marketing mix modeling (MMM)

Marketing attribution (MTA)

Reporting & data visualization

Better Experience

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Understand the drivers of customer sentiment and what is most important to customers by analyzing text-based customer feedback (e.g. product reviews, social media posts, messages to customer service, app reviews).

Featured Methodologies:

Natural language processing (text analytics)

Customer opinion driver analysis


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Office Address:

1601 McCarthy Blvd, Suite R-5,
Milpitas, CA 95035


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