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FocusKPI launches SalesBuilder to bring the benefits of AI and automation to account-based sales

After 15+ years delivering custom analytics solutions to leading retailers and technology companies, FocusKPI announces the launch of its first product, SalesBuilder, which leverages company expertise in predictive analytics, machine learning, and generative AI to remove the friction sales teams experience in accessing and using company data, freeing sales reps to spend more time selling.

With SalesBuilder by FocusKPI, YOUR SALES TEAM will be more:

  • EFFICIENT - auto-generated, account meeting-ready documents with integrated data, analysis, and insights 

  • EFFECTIVE - data-driven product recommendations and speaker notes for contextually relevant conversations

  • CONSISTENT - reduced new hire ramp up and training to achieve best practices

SalesBuilder operates on FocusKPI’s proprietary NetPoint.AI platform, ensuring robust security and flexible data integration. It is cost effective for mid-sized companies with a ready-to-use base model and customizable templates and workflows. SalesBuilder integrates with Salesforce and popular productivity tools.

Contact us to discuss your AI integration needs and to request a demo.

Learn more at

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